US Swiss Made Fake Patek Philippe Grand Complications

Let’s kick things off with a big one — the Grandmaster Chime 6300GR, for the first time in white and rose gold. The perfect fake Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime features no less than 20 complications, five of which are acoustic with three gongs and five striking modes. Naturally, you need some real estate to house and display all of that, so we get a reversible 47.7mm case. What is new here is the two-tone execution in white and rose gold. The metals pair beautifully with the opaline brown dials. Price on request.

Next, we have another luxury fake Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime in the 6300/403G. This white gold version is set with 118 baguette-cut emeralds (7.87 carats) and 291 baguette-cut diamonds (20.54 carats). The “invisible” setting technique makes for a very smooth appearance. Both versions are powered by 1:1 replica Patek Philippes caliber 300 GS AL 36-750 QIS FUS IRM. Price on request.

Other additions to the Grand Complications collection
Next up is ref. 5316/50P-001, another AAA quality replica Patek Philippe Grand Complication, this time in platinum. This new model combines a minute repeater, tourbillon, perpetual calendar, and retrograde date. The 40.2mm case houses the caliber R TO 27 PS QR. You get a view of all of the complexity through a blue metalized dégradé sapphire dial. Price on request.

Another new addition is high quality fake Patek Philippe ref. 5178G-012, a self-winding minute repeater in a 40mm × 10.53mm white gold case. The star of the show here is the dial. This white gold backdrop features an intricate hand-guilloché pattern finished with transparent blue Grand Feu enamel. The Swiss movement copy Patek Philippe 5178G-012 is powered by the caliber R 27 PS and comes with both a blue and an orange alligator strap.

Lastly, we have a new white gold version of the 40.2mm top super clone Patek Philippe World Time Minute Repeater 5531 in this 5531G-001. As if a minute repeater and world-time complication (caliber R 27 HU) aren’t impressive enough, the dial is an absolute masterpiece in its own right. This is a cloisonné Grand Feu enamel depiction of a Belle Époque-era steamship on Lake Geneva. Once again, price on request.