The 2024 US Cheap Replica Omega Speedmaster Apollo 8 Dark Side of the Moon – what is actually new?

A teaser is revealed, and a launch is incoming, what could this new watch be? Well, yesterday perfect replica Omega lifted the curtains on a new Speedmaster Apollo 8 Dark Side of the Moon. At first glance, a recreational watch enthusiast would not necessarily register this as a new take on a cult-favorite model first introduced six years ago in 2018. A special new patent-pending running second hand is the only immediate tell we have a new model on our hands, the remaining updates are quite subtle. So, let’s run through what is actually new with the 2024 1:1 fake Omega Speedmaster Apollo 8 Dark Side of the Moon.

New 3D Saturn V Rocket running seconds hand

US luxury replica Omega has exhibited playful engineering as of late, developing things like their Snoopy-on-a-rocket going around the earth and James Bond moire caseback animations. A headlining development of this new cheap fake Omega Speedmaster Apollo 8 Dark Side of the Moon model is its patent-pending Saturn V rocket running seconds hand – a tribute to the famed rocket that carried the Apollo 8 crew ten times around the moon which remains the only vehicle to have ever carried humans beyond low earth orbit.

AAA quality fake Omega explains: “Another new touch is the patent-pending small-seconds hand at 9 o’clock. This has been engineered from Grade 5 Titanium and shaped like NASA’s famous Saturn V rocket. The powerful 3D structure has been obtained by laser turning, while the colours are achieved with white varnish, ablation, and laser blackening. A small yet inspiring detail that celebrates the success of the Apollo program.”

Look closely, and you will even notice the microscopic USA lettering on all of the bottom facets of the rocket. It’s all in the details.

Such a small detail, but, again, the small details make or break Swiss movement replica watches for watch geeks. With the introduction of a newer calibre into the model, the positioning of the screws seen on the dial side has changed for the better in my opinion. With the lunar surface texture such a draw for this super clone watch, the interruption the screws imposed on the 12′ position of the dial found on the old model were a bit too noticeable for my tastes. With the new model, the screws find themselves largely hidden beneath the applied indices and in turn offer a purer motif of the lunar surface.

While the Omega calibre 1869 is no slouch, the switch to the in-house 3869 is a massive improvement internally for the high quality fake Omega US. This means for the first time ever the Apollo 8 Dark Side of the Moon model has a movement with a co-axial escapement that is METAS Master Chronometer certified. This pledges a calibre regulated within 0/+5 seconds per day and resistant against magnetism up to 15,000 gauss thanks in part to its silicon balance spring. In terms of power reserve, you get an added two hours up from 48 hours to 50.