AAA Best Fake Big Bang Unico Sky Blue Is Part Of A One-Two Colour Punch That Is Peak Hublot US Fake Watch

The ubiquity of blue this year has not gone unnoticed, with almost every brand hopping onto the trend in the hope of convincing more consumers to buy their watches. Hublot’s direction in the colour chosen for the Swiss made fake Hublot Big Bang Unico Sky Blue is not a case of trend-following. It’s yet more proof of the brand reading the room – where suddenly bright colours are more popular than ever, thanks to the gloomy global 2020 mood – and turning the freshness factor up to 11.

Instead of just another blue dial, quality replica Hublot brings an entirely new shade of the colour to the market – going so far as to incorporate it into the case as well as the dial. Through their use of innovative materials, the brand has brought us a Sky Blue take on their Unico watch that evokes a city of gears floating in the sky and clouds above.

42MM Fake Hublot Big Bang Watch

The watch is 42mm of robust ceramic and features a self-winding flyback column wheel chronograph movement manufactured in-house. It may seem like a party on the outside, with its youthful sky blue exterior, but make no mistake — it means business inside, providing one of the most unique and pleasant chronograph experiences in the watch industry.